North Beach Treasures: Sea Glass, Beach Pottery and other Ocean Gems
North Beach Treasures
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Authentic Beach Collected Sea Glass, Pottery and Artifacts from the Pacific Northwest
High Quality Sea Glass for Collectors, Jewelers and Artists

North Beach Treasures is also a supplier of high quality beach combed sea glass, beach pottery and other beach combed items to Jewelers, Artists and Crafts people around the world.

All our sea glass is naturally tumbled by the ocean, and gathered by hand-- by my family and myself-- on local and regional beaches around the Pacific Northwest. We pride ourselves on offering only high quality and accurately graded, described and photographed sea glass. For more detailed information, see the Sea Glass For Sale page.
Get Involved With the Global Sea Glass Artist and Collector Community

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, sea glass artists, collectors and enthusiasts from around the world are now connecting like never before and sharing the hobby with each other. I highly recommend joining one of the collector communities-- online or off-- as a way of learning and getting more fun and enjoyment out of collecting sea glass.

The North American Sea Glass Association (NASGA) is the world's largest and oldest organization for sea glass enthusiasts. NASGA organizes an annual Sea Glass Festival, and also maintains an online community and forum for sea glass fans, as well as a Facebook page.

If you're a sea glass enthusiast, or just would like to learn more about sea glass, there are several other large and very active online communities dedicated entirely to sea glass. Please see our Links page for more information!

Green sea glass
Red sea glass
Welcome to the Web Site of North Beach Treasures!

This web site is dedicated to the exploration and history of natural beach combed sea glass, with hundreds of photographs showcasing the extraordinary range of colors a beach comber might encounter.

What is sea glass? Sometimes also referred to as beach glass, mermaid tears, ocean moonstones or sand glass, sea glass is pieces of broken glass that have fallen into the ocean, where they spend decades being slowly tumbled and polished to a soft finish by the action of waves, sand and pebbles. To learn more, take a moment to read our What Is Sea Glass page, and explore the rest of the site!
Teal green sea glass
Cobalt blue sea glass
Ice blue sea glass
Sea Glass and Beach Photography

In addition to finding sea glass, photographing sea glass is one of my passions in life. In the course of my many years of beach combing, I have amassed a "library" over more than 20,000 (and growing!) sea glass images. The photographs you'll see on this web site are all original and my own. In the fall of 2012, some of these will become available as greeting cards and individual framed art photographs.

An ongoing project of mine is to create an extensive online collection of sea glass images, with a special focus on the scarcer and rarer colors which many collectors and beach combers never get to see in person. You might think of it as an online "photographic reference" of sea glass. For more details, please visit the Photo Gallery page.
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Please visit our Internet stores on eBay and Etsy, where you will find 100s of lots of high quality lots with natural beach combed sea glass and other beach treasures:

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To keep up with new listings, news and changes to the web site, we recommend following North Beach Treasures on twitter, or visiting and "liking" our Facebook page, where updates are posted on a regular basis.

The North Beach Treasures blog also carries regular updates about new listings and our monthly sea glass auctions on eBay.

Writing About Sea Glass:
Selected Beach Combing Articles

In addition to being a sea glass enthusiast, I am also a writer. Herewith a couple of articles I have written on non-seaglass related web sites. Have a look! (links open in a new tab)

"Natural Beach Combed Sea Glass: A Vanishing Treasure" is an illustrated introduction to sea glass, its history and its many variations. Lots of nice photography, with many colors represented.

"The Zen of Beach Combing - A Lifelong Passion" is a more personal story about my lifelong relationship with the beach as a place to find peace and healing, starting as a little boy and through the present day.